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How Much Does USPS Express Mail Cost for International Deliveries

There are a couple main choices for sending by way of Express Mail to countries outside of the United States - offering delivery in 3-5 business days with tracking information provided.

Effective January 27, 2019:

Envelopes - mailing by Flat Rate Priority Mail Express to Canada starts at $44.50. (up from $43.00 as of January 21, 2018). Similarly, countries outside of Canada cost $61.85 and more (up from the $59.75 during '018).

Boxes - express mail international for both Canada and outside countries were stopped during 2016.

Similar Mail Services

Other than Flat Rate, to ship a box by regular Express International with a 1/2 pound limit, again as of the same effective date, you are looking at at a fee beginning at $42.50. A charge that can travel to fifty dollars and more based on the specific point of destination abroad based on the same weight limit. By a similar token, however, some regular Express rates can well exceed two-to-three hundred dollars so it pays to shop price.

To be sendable by the USPS: envelopes are allowed up to 4 pounds, and boxes up to 70 pounds, to be deliverable by priority mail express.

As like over a hundred-and-sixty countries worldwide, the United States Postal Service is a Member of the Express Mail Service Cooperative. A service formed to better integrate postal services everywhere and EMS international members are gauged on performance ongoingly.

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