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How Much Does USPS Express Mail Cost for International Deliveries

Effective January 21st, 2024, USPS charges a bare minimum rate of $59.50 for its Express International service outside the United States. Which is for sending a flat rate envelope.

Leading to this most recent date, on July 9, 2023 the base was at $54.75. Back when most if not all pricing carried from their January 22, 2023 announcement.

Looking back at July 2022 however $47.95 formed the starting gate.

Optimistically, this offers delivery in 3 to 5 business days with tracking info provided.

To be sendable boxes up to 70 pounds are allowed by USPS..

As like over a hundred-and-sixty countries worldwide, the United States Postal Service is a Member of the Express Mail Service Cooperative. A service formed to better integrate postal services everywhere and EMS international members are gauged on performance ongoing.

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