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How Much Does It Cost to Send Standard Letters Through UPS

It may come as a pleasant surprise, that to send a standard size letter (folded, not mailed in 'flat' form) that sends by a common forever stamp, can be simply dropped off at a UPS drop box. This has been offered as a service by UPS to customers at no cost.

UPS Amounts For Mailing Letters and Envelopes

To ship a letter or an envelope by ground, which UPS claims in many cases to guarantee to get there by (1) day within the same state, can cost in the vicinity of $12.40 in round numbers which is to send roughly up to one pound on to a residence and just over $2.00 less to deliver to a business address. Noting this is a fee that will vary state by state, envelope dimension and by zip code.

One factor with UPS is that Saturday delivery is ordered by request. This service is available along with next day air and second day air only and the fee is $16 which applies to packages and envelopes. Where the orange Saturday Delivery sticker should also accompany. A way to avoid this added fee is to ship by ground to save on the leap in fee. Although this service is cost prohibitive for many senders, based on the importance and urgency of the particular mailing, it can short-cut some deliveries which might otherwise not arrive until Monday. So planning a day or so ahead can potentially save in the whereabouts of maybe up to thirty dollars or so based on the type of delivery.

Some restrictions, however, are that UPS does observe holidays such as; Christmas, New Years Day and Eve, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day and Independence and Labor Day. There are a host of other holidays that UPS does not recognize and they deliver nonetheless, including on Easter and Columbus Day among others.

Tips for Mailing:

  • If it offers some measure of convenience, consider the many UPS storefront outlets as a drop off point for your standard size letters which is at no cost. These were formerly Mail Boxes Etc. Keeping in mind that regular UPS bought stamps should not be assumed to be the standard going postage rate

  • Compare UPS rates beside Fedex and United States Post Office which are frequently competitively priced solutions that may offer lesser prices for delivering letters and envelopes depending on logistics, dimension and weight of the piece and time frame.

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