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How Much Does USPS Express Mail Cost for 2019

Effective January 27, 2019 the cost for sending by Express Mail has three seperate rates; a flat rate envelope (12-1/2" x 9-1/2") is $25.50, a padded envelope (12-1/2" x 9-1/2") is $26.20 and a legal envelope (15" x 9-1/2") is at $25.70. As of Jan 21, 2018, the prices were $24.70, $25.40, and $24.90 respectively. As of Jan 22, 2017 the prices were $23.75, $24.95 and $23.95 respectively. Previous to that, all three were the same at $22.95 as of January 17, 2016.

Prior to a January, 2016, an amount of $19.99 went into effect January `014.
Before this, there was an increase to $19.95 during January `013.
Prior to even then, consumers paid $18.95 for the service.

Express is just about the quickest way to send mail through the United States Post Office. And the USPS does claim overnight delivery for the service, offering a money back guarantee. Noting that weekend delivery may be an option with Sunday/Holiday delivery at an added charge.

Express Next To Similar Mail Services

The Express Mail Flat rate is daily up against the `019 Flat Rate for regular Priority mail envelope at $7.35 (same effective date). So some consideration may be warranted before choosing between these services to the exclusion of other providers.

Other relevant changes of 2019:
  • Priority Padded Flat rate at $8.00 (formerly $7.25 set '018 and $7.20 set `017)
  • Legal Flat Rate rate at $7.65 (formerly $7.00 as of '018 and $6.95 set `017)

To be sendable by the USPS: since Priority Mail Express envelopes are available freely at the Post Office, size restrictions are by what may fit in their standard issue sleeve.

Back in 1860, was the year the Pony Express began. Since then, the last half of the name has had its indeliby influence - spreading to other realms, however some customers even today might equate the two; even though, 'Priority Express Mail' is simply the re-monikering of what was formerly 'Domestic Express Mail' by the Post Office.

Since overnight delivery does not always take place on schedule, for various reasons, it is always a great idea to be as generous as possible with the expected delivery date and definitely have the package scanned before the delivery cut-off time.

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