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How Much Does USPS Insurance Cost You the Consumer

Forward of January 21st, 2024, buying insurance for domestic sends through USPS carries a minimum fee of $2.75 for $50 coverage (up from the previous $2.70). For $100 value it is $3.50 (up from $3.45)

Such prices are factored by the declared value of your item being sent. Scaled by increments of $100 on up to $600 (at $12.25).

Coverages are then calculated by amounts up to a $5000.00 coverage max.

Note: as of July 10, 2022 priority mail included $100 in insurance (previously $50 in coverage).


IMPORTANT - always keep all receipts and documentation as these may be required by the USPS to file a claim in the event that damage or loss has occurred [PS Form 1000].

According to USPS, some exclusions may apply. Noting that insurance may not be available for some types of delivery services.

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