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How Much Does USPS Insurance Cost the Consumer

With actual prices factored by the declared value for an item that is being sent, additional insurance can often be purchased. The fee for insurance by the USPS is above and beyond postage and other costs to ship.

Prices for insurance in 2020 went up, over year 2019. That now starts at $2.25 for domestic deliveries (was $1.65). For items valued to $100 it now costs $2.85 (formerly $2.05). Thereafter, prices are scaled by increments of $100 in coverage calculated by amounts of up to $5000.00 coverage.

Items valued at $600.01 onward - run a base price of $9.55 while adding $1.40 for every hundred dollars in coverage, going to the 5K limit. Bulk rates may apply.


IMPORTANT - always keep all receipts and documentation as these may be required by the USPS to file a claim in the event that damage or loss has occurred [PS Form 1000].

Also, according to the USPS, some forms of mail already include basic insurance coverage like with Priority Mail Express (to $100) and Priority Mail (to $50) though not limited to, and some exclusions may apply. Noting that insurance may not be available for some types of delivery services.

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