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How Much Does USPS Registered Mail Cost the Consumer

As of January 24, 2021, the price for registered mail starts at $12.90. Before this, the beginning price of $12.60 had been set one year before. Which was a $.20 hike over 2019.

Before this, price sets were:

$12.40 (as of January 27th, 2019)
$11.90 (Jan. 2018)
$11.70 (Jan. 2017)

International Registered Mail may only be sent with First Class.

Registered Mail is available with some Priority, First Class mail and other forms of delivery. For which insurance may be an option that totals up to $25,000.

Registered Mail was first used in 1855 by the United States Postal Service. Over a hundred fifty years later, it is relied on by countless consumers and business people alike to help establish a chain of custody for the articles being sent with a secure method of delivery.

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