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How Much Does USPS Registered Mail Cost the Consumer

On July 14, 2024 the USPS cost for sending by registered mail domestic remains starting at $18.60 based on value and does not include cost of postage

Fees for registered get charged apart from services such as restricted delivery ($7.70) and COD ($8.60) tack ons.

Brief History:
$16.80 (January 21, 2024)
$16.80 (July 9th, 2023)
$14.65 (July 10, 2022)
$13.75 (year 2021 that follows the $12.60 of 2020)
$12.40 (January 27th, 2019)
$11.90 (Jan. 2018)
$11.70 (Jan. 2017)

Noting that International Registered Mail may only be sent with First Class.

Registered Mail is available with some Priority, First Class mail and other forms of delivery. Also, for sending higher valued items you be sure and check with your local branch office for details (Notice 123).

Registered Mail was first used in 1855 by the United States Postal Service. Over a hundred fifty years later, it is relied on by countless consumers and business people alike to help establish a chain of custody for the articles being sent with a secure method of delivery.

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