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How Much Does USPS Certified Mail Cost for 2024

To send by certified mail, per July 14, 2024, it costs a $4.85 base rate. This follows the prior $4.40 amount declared January 21, 2024.

(noting prices exclude restricted delivery)

Certified Mail Price History:
$4.35 (set July 9, 2023)
$4.15 (January 22, 2023)
$4.00 (July 10, 2022)
$3.75 (Aug 29, 2021)
$3.60 (January 24, 2021)
$3.55 (January 26, 2020)
$3.50 (January 2019)
$3.45 (January 21, 2018)
$3.35 (on January 22, 2017)

Certified is a fee that is independent of mailing or postage. And if the sender chooses to mail with an accompanying paper Return Receipt, it will cost $4.10 (up from $3.65). And $2.62 for electronic receipt (up from $2.32).

The Certified Mail instrument provides proof of mailing to the sender for when sending an envelope or package by Priority or First Class for deliveries destined within the United States and its territories. It may provide limited tracking information via an individual tracking number allocated per each form, as well as some confirmation of deliver or an attempt of delivery.

Certified Mail is not to be confused with a 'Certificate of Mailing' - which is specific evidence that mail has been presented to the USPS for delivery. The operative word being 'presented' because copies of the form are not held by the USPS and there ensues no following record of delivery.

Certified Mail first got its start in 1955, and today it is used as a record of mailing for a wide variety of purposes. Mainly, by anyone who wants a proof of mailing primarily by way of a tracking number and that is also used for online tracking.

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