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How Much USPS Tracking Cost

The price of sending Label 400 continues to be at no cost through January 27, 2019. As of May 31, 2015 it was set at $.00.

Prior to this, it cost $1.05 retail (which hiked 15 cents from $.90 on January 26th, 2014).

Since the USPS specifies that a Tracking barcode/number appear on items such as Priority, First Class Mail Packages, and Parcel Select, the Label 400 is recommended for whenever a standard printed USPS shipping label is not present.

Noting that a number of USPS services now have the service as a built-in, at no fee incurred. And as a result of the change, you should notice, for example, the assigned USPS Tracking number appear on the receipt of a First Class Parcel being sent, for your convenience.

UPS Tracking had replaced Delivery Confirmation as of 2013.

There exists no record of the Tracking at the local post office facility from where it was issued. Only by accessing the database of the USPS is it arrived at.

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