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How Much Does USPS Signature Confirmation Cost You the Consumer

Fees for Signature Confirmation, as of July 14, 2024 vary depending on the type of delivery service you choose. Among these;

Ground Advantage at $4.55 for the retail version and $3.70 for electronic.
(noting that Priority is the same. As is Library and Media Mail, for example)

Although if you decide on signature confirmation for Restricted Delivery you'll have to pay quite a sum more. It costs $12.25 and $11.40 respectively. Considering this fact you may want to consider your alternatives first.

The Signature Confirmation is the bright pink paper barcode label (PS Form 153) often referred to as the 'retail' version.

The Confirmation gives details about the delivery of the article, and/or if it was attempted. Including the record of the receiver signing.

Signature Confirmation is sometimes confused with what are perceived to be other types of tracking methods that are processed by the Postal Service. Some addressees, however, are unaware that services such as Registered Mail and Certified Mail can have advantages that often prove more substantiating - such as when sending certain legal documents, for instance. Select types of mail tracking services may even be required by certain bodies or institutions.

Besides Signature Confirmation, if the sender wants to know that the receiver is at least 21 years of age, there is the option of 'Adult Signature' which can be used with Certified, Express, Parcel select and Priority mail. And can be purchased at the USPS.com site or through authorized sellers.

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