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How Much USPS Delivery Confirmation Has Cost & An Alternative

In today's cost conscious environment, we are all concerned about what we spend. Postage-related services not to be excluded.

Delivery confirmation has been sent with First Class packages ('First Class mail parcel') and also with Priority along with other services such as insurance, special handling and more. In the past, many have spent the in the whereabouts of $.80 for the service while others have enjoyed it as a free service (`012 onward).

As of early 2014, however, it has come to our attention that the service of Delivery Confirmation offered by the United States Post Office has been discontinued. A service that gives the delivery date and time for mailers. Specifically this is the green label Form P152.

For the sake of convenience and to help to clarify the transition: as of January 21st, 2014 there seems to be little in the way of a formal announcement about this discontinuance. While it has been confirmed by us speaking with a local Post Office on this same date.

Taking its place, and as a low priced alternative, is Label 400. A solution at just over a dollar that goes by the simplified name of 'UPS Tracking'. For more information on USPS Tracking costs for this service already active during 2014.

As another possible alternative, there is Signature Confirmation though much costlier at just under three bucks - unless going for the electronic version at $.60 less, that also provides a signature record.

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