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How To Figure Costs For Package Shipping By Fedex

The amount it costs to ship a package by way of Fedex (formerly 'Federal Express') will depend mainly on the origin & destination locations and zip codes, the weight of the item being sent and the particular Fedex service that is chosen for an expected arrival.

To figure the pricing of the send:

A] Determine the total the number of packages being sent. If it makes sense, consider consolidating multiple items into a single box for a more efficient cost to send (assuming adequate packing). In any case, make efficient use of the package count.

B] Weigh the package(s). A scale sensitive to pounds that is accurate to detecting decimals of kilograms or lbs should serve the purpose. If you have no shipping scale, another may do.

C] Obtain specifics on locations: origin & destination countries, cities and their postal codes.

D] Determine if you wish to have a pickup service or drop the package off to lessen the bill.

E] Next you will need to give some thought as to which timeframe and characteristics with which the package is to be sent;

Key Points on Delivery

  • Ground Delivery: their most economical form of service, intrastate delivery is normally within a business day and the ground service has a maximum time in transit for the continental United States of 5 business days. Sent by the Fedex Home Delivery division of ground services for residential addresses.

  • Other Fedex options are considered Express services: the Overnight services, 2 Day services and the Express Saver listed in descending order of speed and price here. Express Saver is claimed to take (3) business days and it bridges timewise between the Two Day and Ground services choices.

  • The premium Same Day service is quoted per mailing.

  • First Overnight, Priority Overnight and Standard Overnight are due to arrive the same day by 8:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m. and 3:00 respectively.

Other Options

You may also be asked about the declared values. Although as of early 2016, Fedex states that they assume $100 in coverage which should be confirmed during any shipping arrangement.

Know if handling fees such as address correction, at $13.20, and out of area pickups and delivery fees could apply. Saturday delivery is at $22.50. Contingencies for sending with dry ice, remains at $5.00.

F] Contact either a local FedEx Office nearest you or go to the tool at Fedex now equipped with your details. Which may be used for comparison with the other carriers.

Getting Efficient Delivery Rates:

  • Arrangements for sending packages via Fedex services can be made at what were the many Kinko's printing shops. These in-turn became Fedex Kinko's that in-turn, became Fedex Office as of June 2008. Which are drop offs.

  • As always, compare their fees with UPS and United States Post Office rates to stretch your postage dollar and vice versa.

  • Gain a jump on time and prepare your package at the earliest possible date and moment. Because the block of time that it takes in transit will be a major driving factor in the quoted delivery rates. Which holds for all carriers.

  • Consider that, as with all courier services, deliveries do at times arrive after expected delivery dates and times. Fedex does state that if the package does not arrive by the commitment time, the customer may request a refund. But circumstances are equally as important. If missed commitments are due to weather, this could be another story.

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