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How Much A Stamp Costs At UPS Stores

Rates for an everyday postage stamp when bought outside the Postal system are not the same from one place of purchase to another.

If you go to a UPS store (currently having 5,360 U.S pops) - each store can and often does charge a big markup. Due to the fact they are independently operated and owners set stamp pricing. It's not by either UPS OR the USPS!

According to our survey based on UPS store locations, stamp amounts are far above the going rate of postal branch offices. Stamps when purchased individually go anywhere from near $0.70 each all the way to $0.90 and potentially more - a 55% margin over the standard rate. - Just to be clear, this is for the United States Postal issued Forever Stamp.

That many UPS stores do sell individually. And may also meter envelopes at around $0.80 (or greater).

These charges do seem high. Asking, we found that buying a booklet of, for example 20 stamps at UPS ends up being a little more reasonable. At the same time, buying by a '100 book' may or may not bring savings over the '20'.

Tips for Buying Postage Stamps:

  • If a post office facility is not located near you or where you happen to be in need of postage, consider other outlets such as U.S. Post Offices located within retailers such as at Ace Hardware that generally charge the same rates as USPS. Other stores charging the same amounts as issue rate for stamps include Kroger's.

  • Rather than buying single stamps outside of the postal system, stocking up while at the post office can prevent the subjecting of yourself to the behest of such convenience-model pricing strategies.

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